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I'm happy you found me! As a certified speaker for free ceremonies, I accompany people in their most beautiful but also in their saddest moments. It is my job to create an atmosphere that turns these moments into moments of gratefulness. In order to do so, I start with one thing: I listen! By listening carefully, I'm able to capture the essence of bridal couples and new families. My conversations with people who have just lost a beloved person furthermore allow me to create an individual and a dignified funeral service. Because we all deserve ceremonies that are just as special as we are.

After spending a few years in Amsterdam and Mexico, I am finally back in Tyrol. When I'm not speaking at ceremonies, I love spending time with friends and family. And I secretly keep working on my reputation as a "living jukebox".

About me

After spending a few years in Amsterdam and Mexico, I have returned to Tyrol a while ago. Back here, I'm able to combine my love for language(s), my creativity and my interest in people and their diversity. No matter where you come from, who you love or how you live your life: We'll meet in an atmosphere of openness, that will allow me to create a ceremony that reflects you and your values.

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Free Wedding

A wedding to remember.

I will advise you on how to design your free wedding ceremony in a way it suits you and your expectations. You and your relationship will be the center of my speech. Definitely not on my agenda: boring quotes and hackneyed wisdoms.

Baby Welcoming

A baby welcoming can be an alternative or even an addition to a traditional baptism. We celebrate a new life and a new family. It's my job to create the atmosphere that gives this event the festive setting it deserves. In my speech I will put the spotlight on your baby and your new life as a family. This is also the occasion where godparents can be appointed.


At a funeral service we look back on the life of a beloved person, and we do so in a very individual way. The ceremony should reflect this person and their life in all its facets. Just as there's room for sadness, there may also be smiles and laughter.


I am happy to travel for your free wedding ceremony, your children's welcome party or a funeral service in Tyrol, Austria and beyond. Because the diversity of many relationships is also reflected in their language(s), I offer ceremonies in the following languages or language combinations:







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